About District

The district of Pilibhit is the north-eastern most district of Rohilkhand division which is situated in the sub Himalayan belt on the boundary of Nepal. It lies between the parallels of 28o6′ and 28o53′ north latitude and the meridians of 79o57′ and 80o27′ east longitude. On the north are the district Udhamsingh Nagar and the territory of Nepal, on the south lies the Shahjahanpur district, on the east the district is flanked for a short distance by district Kheri and for the remaining distance by the Shahjahanpur district and on the west the district of Bareilly.

According to the central statistical organization, the District Pilibhit had an area of 3,504 sq km on July 1, 1971, occupying 49th position in the state. Major part of Pilibhit District is covered by dense forest. Total 78478 hectare is forest. The Sharda canal is the main canal of the district, the others being its branches. Total length of canals in the district is 938 Km. Though Pilibhit District is a bit backword in the area of industry. The main crop in this area is sugar cane. So there are four sugar factories at Majhola, Puranpur, Bisalpur and Pilibhit. Other major units are three solvent plants, one flour mill, one steel plant and one Alcohal Distillery. Small scale industries are Rice mills, engineering units, brick klins, candles and mainly bansuri (flute) manufacturing.


Coordinates 28o38’59″N, 79o52’21″E / 28.6497oN, 79.8724oE
Country Flag    BHARAT / INDIA
Region Rohilkhand
State Uttar Pradesh
Division Bareilly
District Pilibhit
Sattled Late 15th century AD
Tehsil 5 (Five)

  1. Sadar
  2. Bisalpur
  3. Puranpur
  4. Kalinagar
  5. Amariya
Blocks 7 (Seven)

  1. Amaria
  2. Marauri
  3. Lalaurikhera
  4. Barkhera
  5. Bilsanda
  6. Bisalpur
  7. Puranpur
Thana 14 (Fourteen)

  1. Kotwali
  2. Sungadi
  3. Amaria
  4. Neoria
  5. Jahanbad
  6. Gajraula
  7. Bisalpur
  8. Barkhera
  9. Bilsanda
  10. Deuria kalan
  11. Puranpur
  12. Madhotanda
  13. Hazara
  14. Sehramau North
Town Area / Munispal board 9 (Nine)

  1. Pilibhit MB
  2. Bisalpur MB
  3. Puranpur MB
  4. Neoria Husainpur TA
  5. Jahanbad TA
  6. Gajraula Bhindra TA
  7. Barkhera TA
  8. Bilsanda TA
  9. Kalinagar TA
Civic agency Pilibhit Nagar Palika Parisad
Ward 139 Wards
Villages 1440 Villages
Gram Panchayats 721 Gram Panchayats
Population (Census 2011) 20,31,007 (Persons)

  • 10,72,002 (Males)
  • 9,59,005 (Females)
Density (Census 2011) 551 Persons per sq Km.
Literacy (Census 2011) 4,06,805 (Males) + 6,54,290 (Females) = 10,61,095 (Persons)
Official languages Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, English, Punjabi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area 68.76 km2 (27 mi 2)

  • Elevation  172 mi (564 ft)
  • Coastline  0 km (0 mi)
Climate HS-TH

  • Precipitation  780 mm (30.7 in)
Temperature 25.5 oC (78 oF)

  • Summer  36.8 oC (98 oF)
  • Winter  14.5 oC (58 oF)