Dargah Hazrat Shah Mohammad Sher Mian

In the northern side of the city of Pilibhit a dargah of Hazrat Kibla Haji Shah Ji Mohammad Sher Mian Sahib Rahmat Ullah Aleh is situated. People travel from other states and countries to take the blessing of Hazrat Shah ji mian. It is also said that by offering a Chadar at the dargah is fruitful to the people. The dargah has become place of social harmony as people of various religion come here to offer their faith

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  • Dargah Shahji Mohammad Sher Miyan

How to Reach:

By Train

It's 3-4 kms from Pilibhit Railway Junction through station road. One can take any local conveyance or may take a rickshaw to visit the Dargah.