Gauri Shankar Temple

This temple is 250 years old. This is situated in Mohalla KHAKRA at banks of rivers DEVHA & KHAKRA. It is said that the fore fathers of PUJARI Pandit Har Prasad came to this place with other saints. There was a jungle at that time. He dreamt in the night that Bhagwan Shankar is here, in the morning he saw the moorti of SHANKAR BHAGWAN. Gradually a temple was built. Every year a fair is organized here on the occasions of SHIVRATRI, RAKSHA BANDHAN and on every Monday of SHARAVAN MAS. A dharamshala is situated at the outer side of the temple, which was donated by Dwarika Das Banjara. There are two big entry gates at the Eastern and Southern side of the Temple. These gates were built by Hafiz Rahmat Khan.

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How to Reach:

By Train

Approx 2.5 kms from Pilibhit Railway Station

By Road

Approx 2 kms from Pilibhit Railway Station